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Things change and improve every year and this includes musical instruments. Searching for the best trumpet in 2019? Below is the list of the top 5 trumpets in 2019:

  1. Bach Stradivarius 180537 silver professional Bb trumpet: This trumpet offers depth and color of sound, coupled with the even intonation and response a professional player needs. 
  2. Jean-Paul USA TR-430 intermediate trumpet: The sound is very pleasant. On a sound spectrum from dark to bright the TR- 430 is a bit more on the brighter side. In my opinion, the sound will fit well in any musical setting. 
  3. Yamaha YTR-2330 standard Bb trumpet: The Yamaha YTR-2330 is the latest version of Yamaha’s main student trumpet. The trumpet comes with a two-piece bell which delivers a vibrant and consistent tone.
  4. Glory Brass Bb trumpet: A lot of people love products from this brand because they are usually not overpriced. This trumpet includes a 7C mouthpiece that is silver plated and it features beautiful sound plus a flawless finish. Glory Brass Bb Trumpet is properly tuned and is very easy to play.
  5. Kaizer TRP-1000NK trumpet B flat Bb nickel silver: Kaizier TRP-1000NK is the best beginner’s trumpet on this list because it was specifically for novices and student players and it is equipped with a standard 7C mouthpiece which is the best for beginners. The trumpet makes and produces a great sound; it remains in tune, has a good tone, and projects well. 

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