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Behringer Super-X Pro CX3400

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Professional stereo 2-way/3-way/mono 4-way crossover featuring state-of-the-art Linkwitz-Riley filters with 24 dB/octave
Individual Limiters on each output for optimal loudspeaker protection
Adjustable time delay for phase alignment between drivers
CD horn equalization for constant directivity horn compensation
Absolutely flat summed amplitude response, zero phase difference

Behringer CX2310 Super-X Pro

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The Behringer CX2310 Super-X Pro Crossover offers stereo 2-way or 3-way mono with subwoofer out and independent frequency control. Phase reverse switch for each output. ALPS pots, illuminated controls, and ultralow noise op amps. 24dB/octave, state-variable Linkwitz-Riley filters. Absolutely flat summed amplitude response. Individual output level controls and mutes. Switchable 25Hz subsonic filter on each input for LF driver protection. The Behringer CX2310 has gold-plated XLR ins and outs.


Behringer Minimix Mix800 Ultra-Compact Karaoke Machine

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Ultra-compact karaoke/voice processor for podcast, studio and stage applications
Revolutionary Voice Canceller—effectively eliminates vocals from any stereo source while retaining most music elements
Integrated digital echo/reverb processor for ultimate vocal enhancement
2 independent mic channels with Level controls and Clip indicators for perfect level adjustment
Dedicated 2-band EQ for awesome vocal enhancement and sound shaping
Accurate 6-segment LED output meter for precise level indication
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