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Acoustic  Guitar 4-Band EQ Equalizer Tone And Volume Amplifier Preamp Piezo Pickup 6.35mm XLR With Pitch Note Notch Function Clear LCD Display

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4 band equalizer suitable for acoustic guitar, perfect for modify and perfect the sound.
Rotating the bass/middle/treble/pres, free for you to change voice frequency.
With note and pitch button, notch function and volume control knob.
Bright and clear LCD display, easy to read.
Powered by 9V alkaline battery(not included), with low battery indicator.
Comes with pickup line, mounting screws, sticky plate and cable tie, convenient to install.
High sensitivity and durable quality, it helps you make perfect performance.

Allwin 21 Inch DIY Ukulele Kit Basswood Body Plastic Fingerboard Handmade Ukulele Wood Color

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Made from superior wood material it is reliable and durable for long time use.
Small waist with a graceful curve of the box.
Blank wood body can be painted and decorated by yourself.
DIY ukulele kits suitable for everyone.
Good gift for your friends and family.
DIY design promote parent-child interaction and improve spatial intelligence.
Professional manufacture and good quality perfect for ukulele lovers.


Allwin 21 Inch Basswood Ukulele Musical Instruments Hawaii Guitar

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Suitable for solo playing and singing, karaoke, entertainment your leisure time.
UKULELE is the easiest to learn musical instruments.
A good choice for personal use and gifts.
Light weight and small body.
Made of basswood,hard and durable to for long time using.


Allwin Digital Foldable Electronic Drum Pad Musical Instrument Electronic MIDI Drum Black

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USB MIDI connection enables musician to upload beats to a computer. A budding digital musician will love this feature as it adds a whole different dimension to playing and customizing music, also you can connect with computer to play all drum game.
9 drums pads : Crash cymbal, High tom, Snare, Open/close Hi-hat, Low floor tom, Low-mid to, Ride cymbal
Perfect for beginning drummer to jam in no time. The sounds module replicates every sound or beat a drummer might need, making this the perfect kit to practice hard, while still keeping things quiet
It can connect your phone, you can add music from your phone to create a richer, more layered sound.

Alesis  Electronic Drum Kit DM6 USB

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5-piece electronic drum set with DM6 drum-sound module
DM6 module contains 108 topnotch drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds
Realistic, natural-feeling playing surfaces
15 programmable drum sets
Dual-zone snare pad for rim click and rim shot capability
USB-MIDI output for use with drum-module software
Connect your iPod or CD player and mix it in with 1/8" input
Expandable with any of the Alesis e-Percussion essentials
Velocity sensitive

Allwin Mini Trombone With Stand Base Musical Instrument Gold Plated Miniature Trombone Gold Color

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Made of premium material, it is durable for long time.
High simulation and perfectly processed for perfect details.
Exquisite workmanship make a beautiful appearance.
With stand base, can be placed on desk as a home decoration.
Wonderful gifts for kids in holidays, birthday, Christmas.

Talking Drum (Gangan) - Medium Size With Strap

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  • The drum is shaped like an hourglass with two heads of same size and shape.
  • The drum heads (Awo oju ilu) of the talking drum cover both ends are traditionally made from animal hide, fish-skin or other membranes which are wrapped around a wooden hoop
  • Leather thongs (Osan) run the length of the drum and are connected to both hoops
  • The talking drum is struck with a slightly hooked stick and with the fingers of the free hand
  • It has a tightening rope (Idele) used for fine tuning the sound of the drum
  • Has a leather strap called “Apa” used for positioning the drum on one’s shoulder
  • A black ring on the edge.