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Product Info – Yamaha PSR 16

Yamaha PSR 16 - (N 28,500)

The Yamaha PSR-16 is a vintage synthesizer with 4 operators and 8 algorithms, an FM synthesizer system with 32 basic sounds from the world famous Yamaha DX11.

A nice 'gritty' 12-bits Lo-Fi sound (Medium-Fi!), a Chord Sequencer to record chord progressions, cheesy accompaniment patterns and killer drum sounds, but most importantly: the FM synthesizer. A lot of good sounds, each of the 32 preset sounds of the FM synthesizer can be drastically altered by use of the sliders. This way, one can create a ton of usable sounds.

Product Information

•49 piano-size keys (4 octaves, C-C)
•32 basic sounds, can be edited by use of the synthesis section
•8 notes polyphony
•Effects: sustain (1, 2)
•FM synthesis section: spectrum (1-5), brilliance (1-5), Envelope (1-5), vibrato (1-5)
•16 Rhythms: Disco, Pop, 16 beats, Rock, Reggae, Country, Big Band, Swing, Slow Rock, Tango, Salsa, Rumba, Bossanova, Marcha, Polka, Waltz.
•Accompaniment section with different chord and bass sounds, fill-ins, etc.
•Accompaniment mode selection: single finger, fingered, manual bass, off
•Chord Sequencer: Record and Playback
•Fine-tuning knop: +/- 50 ct
•Volume pedal connector
•Sustain-pedal connector
•Line-out/headphones output (3.5 mm mini-jack)
• Dimensions: 861mm x 284mm x 94mm
•Weight: 3.8kg

Adjusting the sliders while playing results in some extremely cool effects. A super inspiring instrument. To produce samples or record directly from this comfortably playing (thanks to the full-size piano keys) keyboard. A great addition to your studio or live setup!

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