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Product Info – Yamaha P105 black

Yamaha P105 black- (N 185,000)

The P-105 is a compact digital piano with Yamaha's outstanding touch and tone. It is portable, easy-to-use and versatile for everyone from a beginner to the more advanced player.

Available in black or white and weighing just 11.7kg, the P-105 has 14 highly realistic instrument voices and has a superb acoustic piano feel thanks to its full piano size 88-note Graded Hammer Standard keyboard.

There is a built-in 2-track song recorder, drum tracks and Pianist backing styles which are great for both student and professional use.

The piano can be played through its own built-in speakers, headphones or via a separate PA system for public performances. The P-105 features digital reverb effects and can be connected to a suitably equipped computer via its USB to host interface. An optional matching stand is available separately.

Product Information

Keyboard Number of Keys: 88

Type Graded Hammer: Standard (GHS) Keyboard

Touch Sensitivity: Hard/Medium/Soft/Fixed

Panel Language: English

Tone Generating: Technology Pure CF Sound Engine

Polyphony Number of Polyphony (Max.): 128

Preset Number of Voices: 14

Reverb: Yes (4 types)

Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC): Yes

Damper Resonance: Yes

Functions Dual/Layers: Yes

Split: Yes

Duo: Yes

Number of Preset Songs: 14 demo + 50preset piano songs

Two voices can be combined together to create a layered sound. There is a split keyboard feature which enables you to play different voices with your left and right hands and the new Duo feature enables the keyboard to be split into two identical halves for duets or practice sessions. There are also four types of digital reverb effects which can be selected to create the ambience of a concert hall or stage environment.

A foot pedal is included to control the sustain (damper) of the sound and a 3-pedal unit is also available separately which, when used in conjunction with the optional stand, gives full control over sustain, soft and sostenuto just as you would find on a traditional acoustic piano.

The P-105 has twin headphone sockets to enable two people to listen simultaneously without disturbing others. There is also built-in metronome to provide an accurate tempo when practising.

And, unlike the old fashioned ticking metronome, the sound can be heard through headphones so you can still practise quietly.

The touch sensitivity of the keyboard can be adjusted or even turned off completely which is useful for anyone who cannot press the keys firmly.

The P-105 has a choice of 10 preset drum tracks. There are also 10 Pianist styles which create a full piano accompaniment simply by playing a chord.

This is useful for both learners discovering new styles of music and professional users who would like to take things easier for a while during a performance

The transpose facility enables a song to be played in any key which is useful for accompanying singers or other instruments. There is also a fine tuning control. A USB to host port enables connection to suitably equipped computers.

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