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Yamaha YDP 131

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Perfect for beginning students and experienced players alike, the YDP-131 Digital Piano delivers authentic piano sound with exceptionally natural response.

With 6 different instrument Voices that utilize the AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) stereo sampling tone generation, and featuring an expressive GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) keyboard, this instrument is a joy to play, practice and perform on.

It also features 64-note polyphony, three foot pedals and a built in speaker system. A digital piano with the legendary quality and performance you have come to expect from Yamaha.
In addition to authentic touch and sound in a handsome cabinet, the Yamaha YDP-131 has all the features that you want and need.

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₦ 340,000

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Product Information

1 Track Song Recorder ideal for playing evaluation

64 Note Polyphony

MIDI Connection allows connection to other MIDI instruments or your home PC

Dimensions: 1357mm × 420mm × 822mm

Touch Sensitive Keys Add expression to your performance as the keys respond to how hard they are played. Playing lightly produces a soft sound, whilst playing harder gives a louder sound 6 AWM sounds the high quality piano sound is one of 6 digitally recorded voices which use Yamahas exclusive AWM technology for outstanding sound quality and realism

The built-in reverb effects make it sound like youre playing in a concert hall and the GH (graded sound action) keyboard allows you to transfer your skills perfectly to an acoustic piano.

The YDP131 offers a no-fuss approach to the player who wants to sit down and begin playing immediately. It boasts a range of stereo sampled instrument voices including: Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Pipe Organ and Strings, and 30 sampling banks for increased sound quality.

(Whether and what type of adaptors come with the product vary according to the region in which the product was sold. Please check with your local dealer.)

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