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Product Info – Yamaha Montage 8

Yamaha Montage 8 - (N 2,495,000)

Music is always in motion. From the way a piano player hits a key to a orchestral crescendo to a drum groove, music always moves.

Montage introduces new way for musicians to control sound and create expression with Motion Control.

Unifies and controls two iconic sound engines: AWM2 (high-quality waveform and subtractive synthesis) and FM-X (modern, pure frequency modulation synthesis). These two engines can be freely zoned or layered across eight parts in a single MONTAGE Performance.

Interact with MONTAGE Performances using Motion Control: a highly programmable control matrix for creating deep, dynamic and incredibly expressive sound. With Motion Control, you can create new sounds not possible on previous hardware synthesizers.

Create dynamic sound changes from radical to sublime with the Super Knob. The Super Knob can control multiple parameters simultaneously, creating any sound imaginable.

For example, you can change your listening position from the front of an instrument to the back seat of a concert hall, or radically change the character of a performance from atmospheric and mellow to rhythmic and edgy.

Product Information

Dimensions: Width 1450mm (57 1/16”); Height 170mm (6 11/16”); Depth 460mm (18 1/8”)

Weight: 29kg (63lb 15oz)

88 balance hammer effect keys

Initial touch and after touch sensors

8 Elements FM-X; Motion control synthesis Engine AMW2 and 88 algorithms

Maximum polyphony: FM-X – 128 max; AMW2 128 max (stereo/ mono waveforms)

18 types of filters

Effects: 12 types of reverbs, 76 types of variations, 76 types of insertions (A, B), 15 master effects, 71 A/D part insertions, 5 bands of master EQ, 3 bands of 1st part EQ and 2 bands of 2nd part EQ

7” TFT color wide VA LCD touch screen

Controllers: super Knob, Data dial, eight knobs, eight control sliders, master volume, pitch bend wheel, AD input gain knob, ribbon controller and a modulation wheel

Connectivity: USB to HOST, USB to DEVICE, MIDI (In, Out and Through), Foot controller (1,2) Foot switch(assignable/sustain), balanced TRS jacks (6.3mm), standard stereo phone jack, A/D Input (6.3mm)

Motion Sequences are tempo-synchronized, customizable control sequences that can be assigned to virtually any synthesizer parameter and provide incredible new ways of programming sound.

The Super Knob can even be assigned to a second FC7 foot controller, which makes it easier to manipulate the sound when playing with both hands.

Motion Sequences also have dedicated controls on the front panel making them easy to manipulate in real-time, providing incredible interactivity and expression.

Powered by proprietary Yamaha technology for data compression and sound playback, AWM2 allows tremendous data compression without sound quality loss for unparalleled, realistic sound reproduction. Experience rich stereo sound without having the available number of notes.

The Envelope Follower converts audio into a control source for virtually any synthesizer parameter. For example, a drum loop could drive effects parameters for a cool rhythm or a vocal recording could control multiple parameters for a talking synthesizer.

The audio can even be a “live” source through the A/D input

An amazingly sophisticated, pure synthesizer engine capable of producing classic '80s or cutting-edge EDM sound with incredible dynamic range, power and fidelity.

MONTAGE features an 8-operator FM architecture and 128-note polyphony, allowing for a massive array of sound design options.

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