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Product Info – Roland A90

Roland A90- (N 230,000)

The sophisticated 88-note A-90 keyboard offers the unsurpassed Roland PA-4 piano feel with channel aftertouch and a comprehensive collection of master controller functions.

This is probably the greatest master keyboard in existence. The best keys yet to be put on a keyboard. The PA-4 hammer action is great. The buttons are large and well-placed.

Things are accessible. Good feel, great quality construction, excellent response and expression. Roland claims that the piano sample is the best in the world

Four independent MIDI Outs, 20 assignable controllers, large buttons derived from the JD-800 and patch names for virtually all Roland sound modules and SR-JV80 Series expansion boards make the A-90/A-90EX powerful yet very user friendly.

Product Information

88-note PA-4 hammer-action keyboard with aftertouch

Powerful digital piano/synthesizer when expanded with the VE-RD1

64-voice polyphony, 128 tones, onboard effects with the VE-RD1

True stereo piano samples with the VE-RD1

Four MIDI Outs for 64 MIDI channels; 8 zones

Built-in patch names for Roland sound modules and SR-JV80 Series expansion boards

Also expandable with VE-JV1 or VE-GS1 voice expansion boards

Bender; pitch wheel; modulation wheel; 20 assignable controllers o 64 user patch locations; 64 additional patches using an M-512E RAM card

There are many good sound-makers, but a few keyboards. This is one of the coolest piano-feel-keyboards that you'd ever use.

Solid and durable, the power supply is built right into the solid metal and heavy plastic housing, and the keyboard action is nothing short of amazing.

There are several dedicated buttons just to turn on and off various sound sources! It is one of the few Roland Keyboards that has both the patented Roland pitch stick PLUS traditional pitch and modulation wheels.

The Roland A90 was built to last, and it would be way too expensive to manufacture today without charging thousands of dollars.

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