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Product Info – Korg X3

Korg X3 - (N 138,000)

The X3 was designed as a middle-weight workstation, with the warmer and more powerful 01/W series taking the reins as Korg's premiere ROMpler workstation of the early nineties.

The X3 is based around 6 MB of 16-bit multi-samples, with basses, guitars, strings, drums, pads and much more. You can even add more PCM sounds to the synth, but additional PCM cards are expensive and/or hard to find.

Detailed editing and a flexible sequencer make this machine more than capable of running a MIDI rig if you are averse to PC based sequencing.

Product Information

If you can live without large touch sensitive screens or resonant filters, then you will find the X3 packs more punch than you may imagine. A rewarding synth to own, even 10 years down the line. 

What it lacks in instant hands-on tweak-ability and cutting edge sounds, it makes up for in the ultimately usable range of sounds. It has been used by Vangelis.

The Korg X3 is a digital keyboard workstation that has 200 patches, 200 performances, and a 10-song, 16-track multitrack sequencer. It is the 61-key version of the Korg X2 with a smaller ROM sound set and no individual outputs.

Many of the sounds in the X3 are derived from the T3 and 01/W synthesizers.

(Whether and what type of adaptors come with the product vary according to the region in which the product was sold. Please check with your local dealer.)

Keyboard: 61 keys Polyphony: 32 notes Preset Patches: 136 User Patches: 200 User Performances: 200 ROM: 6MB (339 waveforms) Sequencer Memory: 32,000 notes Effects: 2 Built-in digital multi-effects processors. Screen: custom backlit LCD Power Consumption: 10 watts Dimensions: 1055 mm x 338.3 mm x 96 mm Weight: 10 kg

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