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Product Info – Generic keyboard stand promo

Generic keyboard stand- (N 20,000)


This review focuses on stands primarily designed for 49 key instruments and up - if you need a stand for a smaller keyboard then carefully check the minimum width a stand or its tiers can be adjusted to, or consider getting a music laptop stand or an attachment for a larger stand.

Single Tier Keyboard Stands
These can be used in either standing or sitting positions, although the table-top variety suit a wider range of player's height when sitting - you want your feet to comfortably reach your pedals while the keyboard isn't too high.

We have not included the kinds of stands best suited to home organs as these types of stands and benches are primarily intended for stationary use, and are often specific to particular keyboard models, while we are focusing here more on multi purpose stands.

Single Tier X Style
These are light-weight stands best suited for uses at home on in a studio context rather than for regular gigging unless you have a lightweight keyboard. They can also be problematic for use in a sitting position if you have long legs.

Product Information

Yamaha PKBS1 Single X Keyboard Stand

Yamaha continues to flood the market with their brand of quality gear for musicians, and the PKBS1 is just one example.


This is a basic single braced keyboard stand, with adjustable height and width via a circular locking mechanism with a quick change knob. This simplicity makes it easy to setup and store, and is ideal for beginners and for hobbyists who play their keys with care.


Single Tier Double X

These have 2 sets of bracing tubes which makes them tougher and better suited to gigging, but even less suitable than single X stands for playing sitting down because many people’s knees will bump into the cross bars.


The Rockjam Xfinity Keyboard
Stand has a unique locking mechanism that lets you set the height at the level you want, as long as its between 4 to 38 inches. This makes it easier to setup in comfortable positions, be it for children or for adults, whether they be standing or sitting.

And since it has a double x frame, it is more stable than other single frame stands, and carries keyboards that weigh up to 45 lbs.

On-Stage Stands KS7291
Although the On-Stage Stands KS7291 is more expensive than the World Tour DXKS, it can hold 70 lbs more which is why some people are prepared to pay extra for the added security - something to consider if you're going to place expensive keyboards on it.

It will accommodate keyboards with 49 keys and up.

K&M 18953 Table Keyboard Stand
The K&M 18953 is a table keyboard stand designed to work with digital pianos that weigh up to 176 lbs.

It's distinct feature is its height adjustable legs that work together with its built-in leveling feet, which makes it possible to level your keyboard in uneven surfaces.

The stand is also collapsable to make it easier to store and transport.

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