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Casio CDP S150 Keyboard

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The lightweight CDP-S150 is easy to move around and allows you to practice anywhere. This characteristic is further exemplified by the CDP-S150’s ability to run on 6AA batteries. Now you can run the keyboard from the AC mains using the provided AC adapter, but 6 brand-new batteries should give you a full 10+ hours of battery life, which is no small feat considering the CDP-S150 has onboard speakers.

Apart from its slim form factor, the chassis is standard. The materials are plastic, though the surface has a matte texture, so fingerprints are less of an issue. In terms of sturdiness, the CDP-S150 is decent, with the chassis remaining solidly in place even when applying heavy force. If anything, the CDP-S150 should survive collisions, but perhaps with a few scratches.

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Product Information

1) Transposing. This allows you to change the played key. Transpositions can be changed from -12 to +12 semitones in increments of 1 semitone.

2) Master Tuning. You can change the central tuning of the keyboard in steps of 0.2 Hz, from 415.5 to 465.9Hz. 440.0Hz is the standard default pitch for Middle A.

3) Metronome. Pressing the metronome button activates the in-built metronome. Tempo, time signature, and volume of metronome sound can be changed.

The CDP-S150 uses an updated version of the AHL sound engine from previous keyboards, delivering up to 4x higher-res stereo audio compared to the previous sound engine. In theory this means higher audio fidelity, but it doesn’t seem obvious in reality

In terms of effects, the CDP-S150 comes with 2 built-in effects, a Reverb and a Chorus. The Reverb has 4 algorithms and an option to turn it off as well. The algorithms differ primarily in their size parameter, going from a small room at level 1 to a large concert hall-style reverb at the maximum level.

(Whether and what type of adaptors come with the product vary according to the region in which the product was sold. Please check with your local dealer.)

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