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Microphones or as most popularly often called, MIC – is an instrument which converts sound waves into electrical energy variations which can later be amplified, recorded or transmitted. In other words, one can say a microphone converts acoustic energy (also known as sound waves) into audio signal. In this modern age, the use of microphone is so essential as virtually almost everyone in every wall of the world uses it. The categories of the microphones are; the studio/condenser microphones, Wired/Handheld microphones, Wireless/Lavalier microphones, Drum microphones and Video microphones. Condenser microphone uses the diaphragm as a capacitor plate. It also operates on an electro static principal using charged metal plates. It is usually used for studio recording. Wired microphones convert sound into electrical audio signal that is sent through a cable to a sound system. The only restriction is the length of the cable on which the microphone is connected to. The handheld microphones pick up sound directly from the mouth. They are designed to be held in the hand but can also be clipped to a stand. Wireless microphones are flexible and easy to carry about. They convert sound into radio signals which are sent from a transmitter to a receiver which further sends it to the sound system.


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