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Fireboy Or Joeboy – Who Has The Biggest Breakthrough Song And Career So Far?

Fireboy Or Joeboy – Who Has The Biggest Breakthrough Song And Career So Far?

Fireboy and Joeboy are two of the young stars the industry is blessed with who have been serving us pure tunes.

Can we start by talking about how amazing these ‘boys’ have turned out with their talents? It is known of those who go by the ‘boy’ appellation in the music industry to start in their most basic form then grow into superstars.

It only takes a huge breakthrough song for these singers to fit their feet in the hustle and before we know it, they become strongly rooted with fast-selling albums, collaborations, and international recognition.

Fireboy DML

Jealous by Fireboy was a widely welcomed anthem at the time of release and still such a tune 2 years down the line.

Just as every singer defines their sound as peculiar to them, Fireboy describes what comes out of him as ‘Afro-Life’ and as the sole author of his lyrics, Fireboys says he writes songs that audiences can relate to. 

The elements of the track ‘Jealous’ that made up a sweet tune to our ears in the year 2019 when it was released composed of guitar strings, a combination of African harmonies with country and soul music.

Percussions and traditional beats were not left out too.

Can we say the Cracker Mallo produced track which was centered around love and complicated feelings was why people really bought into it because who has not been in a complicated love situation before?


Baby by Joeboy is another love song that took a rapt of the airplay in the same 2019 when it was released.

The immediate thing that comes to mind is the skyrocket numbers this track has to itself both in audio, video, and visualizer.

The Afro infusion in this song must also be a contributing factor to its sweetness as it’s been for every other song if we will not be too vain in here.

It bears the same relatable story of  affection and the title is the first sweet name everybody in the world calls their loved one, ‘baby.’

It makes a good remark that two songs have been followed by albums and EP projects.

So which do you think is better?. We would like to hear from you so please drop your comments in the comments section.

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