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Getting to know what your child is interested in or passionate about earlier in their life is very important. Giving them the best education is great but helping them develop their born abilities and assisting them towards becoming excellent in their field of interest is most essential. People tend to be most successful at things they are passionate about and naturally inclined, they also derive a sense of purpose from them. So you wouldn’t want to be ignorant of your child’s interest. Every child likes music but some are so particular about it and loves it more.

Here are 9 signs your child is interested in music or musical instruments:

  1. CHOICE OF TOYS: you would always see you child playing with a toy piano, saxophone or flute and trying to act like he/she is playing it professionally and trying to produce the sound it makes with their mouth or you would see him hitting your table or plates with sticks or spoons, please don’t take it out on him. He loves drums.

  2. LOVES MUSIC: they have an undying love for music. They probably sing all the time, plays a musical instrument often, loves listening to music or watching musical videos, contest or concert.

  3. NATURAL ABILITY: I heard a 10-year-old boy sing sometimes ago and he sounded like a pro, I had never heard something as beautiful as that in my entire life. If your child has any exceptional musical ability then that is his path.

  4.  CHOICE OF GIFT: whenever he/she is being asked by you or any other person what they want as a gift or present it would definitely be a set of drums, a trumpet, a flute, a saxophone or they can go, Mum, I want a keyboard!

  5. ASSOCIATION: they love being around adults who plays it or sing better than they do or being around people that share the same interest as them. Like being in a music band, a church music group or a music crew at school.

  6. GOOD LISTENING SKILLS: they are very good listeners when it comes to music, they pay so much attention to it. They get the lyrics, note, rhythm or key right by just listening to it probably ones or twice. They even correct you when you get it wrong they can be that good!

  7. ENTHUSIASM: they enjoy music and everything about it. They derive joy and excitement from it. You could see your child just smiling and really happy when he/she is singing or doing anything related to music. They get easily bored with other things but if you want to lighten their mood just infuse something musical and they are all brightened and active.

  8. TIME ALLOCATION: If your child is not in school and probably at home with you and you can’t find him/her around you. You know what they are up to, they are either trying to score a song or playing a musical instrument. If they don’t own one they go where they can find one. They allocate so much of their time to it.

  9. CONSISTENCY: all day, all night. Your child can’t just stop, you’ve tried so many ways to distract him or get him to stop but all to no avail. Someway, somehow he just finds a way back.

If your child exhibits any of these signs just enrol him/her in a music school or probably get him a musical instrument. You can get an affordable musical instrument at Pianoman.ng. It is a reliable and trusted music store. Get it for your child and help him/her live his/her dreams.

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