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Are you searching for a microphone that is affordable and of good quality for church usage? I present to you 5 most affordable microphones that are ideal for your church:

  1. Sennheiser vocal microphone wireless SKM-95: this comprises of two wireless handheld microphones with great sound output. It eliminates interference, feedback, and noise. It also consists of a sensitive receiving design with antennas positioned at the front of the receiver. It can be gotten for #35,000 at pianoman.ng
  2. Shure wireless microphone SH-300G:  it is a microphone with excellent features like; great recording quality, adaptability, and portability which makes it ideal for church use. It can be purchased for as cheap as #45,000 at pianoman.ng
  3. Shure U-180 UHF wireless microphone system: this is also a very affordable microphone that delivers perfect sound and is reliable to meet the various usages of a microphone in a church. It is available at pianoman.ng for #45,000
  4. Sennheiser Skm 9000 Wireless microphone: this is a state-of-the-art digital handheld microphone with great sound quality and durability as well. Get this for # 60,000 at pianoman.ng
  5.   AKG-WMS 40 Mini Single Vocal Set Handheld Wireless Microphone: this is a great microphone with an extremely long battery life which helps save money. It also provides a clear and accurate sound. This is available for #75,000 at pianoman.ng

Have a wonderful experience in the place of worship with any of these affordable microphones.

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