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The keyboard is a beautiful and essential musical instrument. It is used in various genres of music and is also utilized in musical bands is used to create an atmosphere to the band; to drive or support the rhythm and to fills the gap in the music.  

Listed below are five affordable keyboards for bands

  1. Casio CTK 5000: Is a keyboard of good quality with 61 keys and a host of performance features, recording capabilities, and song expansion. It can be bought for as #65,000.
  2. Yamaha PSR 630: this a great keyboard that is very close to a workstation keyboard because of the features it possesses. It can be bought for #65,000.
  3. Casio CTK 4200:  this is a dynamic keyboard with several great features that will provide your band a unique sound. It can be bought for 65,000.
  4. Yamaha PSR E433: this keyboard improves and expands the performance of the band. It has 61 keys touch responsiveness and powerful onboard speakers. This can be bought for #88,000.
  5. Yamaha PSR363: this is also a great keyboard with a great sound and it is so affordable. You can get it for #63,000.

Looking for affordable keyboards for your band? Just select any of the suggested keyboards and begin the groove with your band.

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